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Phenix Semicron manufactures resist supply systems, notibly the Resis-T-Matic 1000 and the Resis-T-Matic Tumbler system. The Resis-T-Matic's unique design dispenses from an inverted supply bottle. Our technology guarantees 100% photoresist utilization. "100% utilization" means the bottle literally is "drained clean." Resist residuals in the empty bottle will not exceed .03% (by weight). Therefore, the bottles no longer require toxic rinse, saving both time and money.

The Resis-T-Matic allows continuous track operation. When the RTM is opened to install a new resist bottle, the resist is dispensed from a sub-reservoir trap. This trap prevents introducing air bubbles into the supply line during supply bottle exchange. This trap and other reservoir design features reduce personnel exposure to photoresist's fluids and fumes.